Welcome to MagicPawzz Bengals. I’m Jennifer, but I go by Jen. We are a small in-house cattery that is TICA registered. Currently we are located near Odenton, Maryland. We are a military family so our location will change every three to four years.

A little about me. When I was 17 years old I got married and moved overseas with my husband that is military. A year later we started a family so my plans to own my own cattery was put on hold. We now have three handsome boys. I started fostering pregnant cats, helping care for and raise their babies. I loved to watch them grow and become so independent. The most rewarding part was finding the perfect homes for the kittens.

I first got a Bengal when my husband told me no to getting a dog. I started researching and figured okay then, why not a Bengal then? They act like dogs in many ways. We got our Bengal and fell in love. Everyone around us was always asking questions about Bengals and I really wanted to educate anyone and everyone on the breed. I’ve spent the last few years learning everything I could about Bengals, now it’s time for me to share my knowledge with the world.

I said before we are a small in-house cattery, we currently have two Queens and our Stud will be joining us very soon. We will always remain a small in- house cattery as I want to be able to give every one of my cats and kittens the love and care they need and deserve. Each of our Bengals are our babies, they are all spoiled rotten. Each one of our Queens and our Stud are well loved, vet checked, up to date on all vaccinations. They are health tested for PRA, PKDEF and HCM scans are done. The health testing covers 40 genetic diseases.

All of our kittens are well socialized with my three children, other animals, and other adults. We always focus on whats best for our cats and kittens. We never cage any of our Queens, Stud or kittens. Our kittens will learn about the outdoors when they are safely old enough. All kittens will come with age appropriate vaccinations and de-wormed.

My goal is to continue to Breed to the Bengal Standards. We are focusing on producing healthy Bengal kittens up to the standards with great temperaments. At the same time we thrive to provide affordable Bengals as pets for families that have always wanted one.

If our cattery doesn’t have what you are looking for that’s okay, we will try our best to help you find what you are looking for. Thank you for visiting our site and have a wonderful day!